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Benjamin Finnie

Analyst Intern

Ben assists the team with asset valuation and wherever else needed.

Corey Finnie

Managing Director

Corey has been a business owner and real estate investor all his adult life. Corey had successfully built several businesses in Canada and the US including a produce distribution operation, oil-field service company, auto export business, and several real estate ventures.

In 2006 Corey sold his Canadian businesses and relocated to Southern California to enjoy a change of pace & weather.

Corey has since embraced the opportunities of Real Estate in the US, and his current focus is in Real Estate and Note Investing. He still works closely with his Canadian network by providing outstanding investment opportunities in Real Estate, Mortgage Notes, and other Private Investment Opportunities.

Specialties: Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Acquisition, Business Development, Project Management, High Return Investment Opportunities, Research, and Networking.

Joel Finnie

Vice President

Joel Finnie is a licensed Real Estate Agent with Colwell Banker in Utah. He flips properties in Utah and offers the highest level of service to buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. Joel is also Vice President of Abundare Capital, and director of marketing, and REO/ note trades. Joel has had extensive experience in real estate investing. Over the past 8 years, he has been involved in flipping dozens of Los Angeles and San Diego houses as a part his family’s real estate investing business, working in marketing, raising capital, and project management.

Joel has also been involved in the note industry (or secondary mortgage market) since 2009 when he worked with Midwest 60 LLC, a company that had acquired a bank tape of 60 properties in the Midwest. Joel helped the company market the properties to buyers and owner finance many of them to create notes to be sold to investors. After the assets were liquidated he continued a similar model with Resolve Properties. Today Joel remains active in the note industry as the managing director of trades for Abundare Capital.

Specialties: Real Estate/ Note Investing, Real Estate Acquisition, Marketing, Sales.