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Midwest 42 Pool

CFD’s with impounded taxes, insurance, and servicing

Performing  CFD (18)

171 W Goguac St W Gogac Battle Creek MI
44 Harris Ave Harris Battle Creek MI
1005 First St First Jackson MI
306 E Euclid Ave E Euclid Jackson MI
1113 W Saginaw W Saginaw Lansing MI
116 Strand Ave Strand Dayton OH
1511 W Grand Ave W Grand Dayton OH
2 E Hudson Ave E Hudson Dayton OH
209 N Irwin N Irwin Dayton OH
210 Volkenand Ave Volkenand Dayton OH
2313 Eastview Ave 3 Eastview Dayton OH
2318 Eastview Ave 8 Eastview Dayton OH
2817 Revels Ave Revels Dayton OH
3633 Evansville Dr Evansville Dayton OH
4700 Prescott Ave Prescott Dayton OH
61 Neal Ave Neal Dayton OH
715 Tyson Avenue Tyson Dayton OH
24 Lucerne Ave Lucerne Dayton OH

Non-Performing CFD (2)

66 N Mason Ave N mason Battle Creek MI
911 Ferndale Ave Ferndale Dayton OH

Performing Rental (1)

665 Robinwood St, Pontiac, MI


Sub-Performing CFD (8)

435 Hubbard St Hubbard Battle Creek MI
89 Somerset Ave Somerset Battle Creek MI
1008 Hickory St. Hickory Lansing MI
1817 New York Ave. New Lansing MI
1028 Kammer Ave Kammer Dayton OH
147 W Hudson Ave W Hudson Dayton OH
339 Illinois Ave Illinois Dayton OH
420 W Siebenthaler Ave W Siebenthaler Dayton OH

REO’s (13)

3378 Connecticut Connecticut Gary IN
3864 Maryland St Maryland Gary IN
10 Oneita St Oneita Battle Creek MI
1044 Ontario St Ontario Lansing MI
1406 Roosevelt Ave Roosevelt Lansing MI
1441 Bailey Ave Bailey Lansing MI
1713 N MLK Blvd N MLK Lansing MI
4071 Larkspur Dr Larkspur Dayton OH
43 W Norman Ave W Norman Dayton OH
4715 Greenwich Village Ave Greenwich Dayton OH
1238 Norwood Ave Norwood Toledo OH
1440 Oakwood Avenue Oakwood Toledo OH
2097 Hunter Ave Hunter Memphis TN